Saturday, December 11, 2010

There's this picture painted on my wall

Insomnia time. Wish list boredom. What am I adding now? I was adding board games, puzzles, and marbles (I collect marbles), but now I'm adding art and posters. I want to finish decorating My condo.

My living room is all in Marilyn Monroe art. I already have oh.. close to 20 pieces that I need to hang.

My side hall is going to be all Audrey Hepburn. I have one large Print that ya'll have probably seen already.

One side of the main hall is going to be framed puzzles I finish. I used to be addicted to doing puzzles. I miss them. I should get back into it. It exercises My brain.

The other side is going to be all art/posters relating to NYC. I miss My home city. I only have one print so far, of Grand Central Station. I'm currently going to town on Amazon, wishlisting a lot of stuff.

My kitchen is going to be all frog-related items. Right now I only have a few figurines. But when I'm done, everything from the figurines to the plates to the dish towels will be froggy!

I don't know if I want to add to My bathroom. It's not decorated beyond a nice shower curtain and garbage vase but... I'm debating.

This leaves 2 bedrooms to ponder. I want to stick with themes but... Maybe I will print/frame some of My art for the spare bedroom... unsure about My bedroom though! More to ponder...