Tuesday, June 28, 2011

365 Days Of Photos: Days 316 - 334

Boob kitten FTW

Yes, My hairs ended up mauve before the Epic Cut Of 2011. So fried! So gross! So MAUVE! And the mauve was totally accidental. Which is kinda nifty.

Pastel wig? Nah, just Me bein a goof.

Not QUITE My natural hair color but very close. Closest I've been since 1991?

Om nom nom new wig.

Shhhhh we be sleepin, yo!


Behold, zee curls!


Sunday, June 26, 2011

you're a hypocrite, and i don't know why

Hypocrisy makes Me ill. It always has. Always will. Preach and preach and preach, but only when the people you now call BAD have turned you down for TEH RANDOM SEX!

Case in point, a certain dick-driven male on Facebook (that narrows it down, I realize...) who added a fuck ton of strippers, porn stars, adult models, etc. Ok. That's nothing new. A lot of My fans on Facebook have a ton of other ladies listed. Most of them I know or know of. But this fine fellow?

One day he decides to post this gem on his Facebook:

I cant believe these porn sluts call themselves actors and actresses. U dont have 2 know how 2 act 2 fuck on camera. Smmfh Stop calling yourself an actress and call yourself what u really r. A whore.

Of course I call him out on the bullshit of that entire statement, AND that he is a serious hypocrite for saying such bullshit when he has all of us hard working ladies on his "friends" list. He never once defends add requesting us, but he goes on to tell me that all FACT about the difference between pornography and prostitution is wrong because HIS OPINION is right.

Oh the sad, sad creature.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

As days go by, the night's on fire

This Is War by 30 Seconds To Mars

It's been a while since I've wanted to blog about a music video... but WOW does this video ever deserve My attention!

I actually found the video thanks to the Porcelain Twinz on Facebook. Holy tasty visuals, Batman!

Compared to some other Lets Put Kinky Themes In Our Video To Be Sexy And Edgy folks in the music industry, the glimpses of gags and leads and such in this video worked for Me. I believed it.

The video sprinkled in some non-sexy stuff, but despite that, all of the scenes in this thing were stimulating somehow. They made My eyeballs and brainbits very happy to be watching all 13:09 of it.

This video really sets in concrete how much I'd do Jared Leto.

We'll be close as pages in a book

Oh the mailman was My buddy today! So exciting :D

First off this tasty bit of headcandy arrived:

Can't wait to rock the hell out of that.

And then These two books arrived:

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

There's time to rest the day you'll drop

Trying so hard to get back into a shape I approve of.

I approve of this shape lol...

You know why I hate doing push ups/crunches? I've had back issues since I was a teenager and just... ow. Can we say OW much? Cause I sure can say OW... and not even the GOOD kind of ow!

As a sadomasochist, I have the whole Good Ow/Bad Ow thing down. Down like the high school slut beneath the bleachers.

And as said sadomasochist, My variables for Ow are rather plentiful.

As a sadist, I am good at giving you an Ow that you like. I am also good at giving you an Ow that you wont like. Either way is good for Me, unless their is jail time involved... hur hur.

As a masochist, I have Ows that I enjoy receiving, and Ows that I can SO live without. Back pain from sit ups is definitely a Bad Ow.

Monday, June 13, 2011

As she has planted, so does she harvest; such is the field of karma.

I love Karma. And this is not going to be a discussion about any of the girls I've danced with who used that name. No, this is about the Real Deal. Karma.

I consider Myself to be honest about a lot of things that some other dancers aren't honest about. If you accidentally tip Me a $50 instead of a $5, I will give it back to you. That's just how I am.

Once, a girl dropped 14 $100 bills on the floor at the IR2. I gave it all back to her. I got some flack for that from other dancers. They would have kept it! Not Me... if I had been the one to lose My cash, I'd be SO thankful for it's return. Likewise if I tipped a $50 by accident. Dark clubs don't help eye sight.

But anyways. A while back, several Mondays ago, was a case of Karma AND of the rare occasion that I won't hand back that big bill...

There was this 20something douche of a dude in the bar. He had been there most of the day, drinking. By late night he was a Royal Asshat. He was pissing off the dancers, the customers, the DJ, and Moi. My most beloved bartender, Aenea (AKA River) had to keep him away from Me, because I was ready to have a Ron Moment and choke his punk ass. So as Aenea was shooing him out the door, she told him that he HAD to tip Me for being a pain in My ass. So he did. He dug out a dollar and shoved it into the tip bucket. He then left. After Aenea wandered off, I peered in the jar and WHAMO! That was no dollar bill! It was a $100. Hell yes. Thank you, Karma! So when that asshat came BACK into the bar at the end of the night, I didn't say a Godsdamned word. Nope. No sir! Nada. Heh. And I haven't lost any sleep about it since.

365 Days Of Photos: Days 309 - 315

More pic updating. Argh I am so behind lol...

First off, my new hairs! Rawr!! And boobies, of course.

A relaxed day in a Tacky 70's Shirt that I love to collect.

Moi at Mayhem, ordering some booze.

Myself and My most favorite bartender and violent woman, Aenea. She is My River, and I am her Inara!

Ready to rock the convention! The boots were a great tribute from a slave of Mine.

Pool side FTW!

Hair pulled back, most recent color scheme.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

365 Days Of Photos: Days 288 - 308

Finally able to upload some pics! Whew.

Here I am gettin ready for the fiery red. My hairs look like Easter lol.

Seriously. Easter hairs.

The dye is in place!

Dats some red!

Muh hairs are on fire! Onoes!

Crazy color, eh? Loved it!

Wanna climb the mountains?

In the darkness, the red still looks pink lol.

More fire.

This pic is older, kinda cheating. It was in oh.... 2005? I was always a cat lady lol.

Bath time!

I love Me some paranormal romance novels. Yay smut!

Arrrrr! Here I was ready for the new Pirates movie. As in Depp, not as in porn. Hur hur.

Playin with some new clip in hairs. Hahahahaaa.

More fake hair silliness.

I am obviously up to no good.

I has a bunneh. It actually belonged to a friend's daughter. Dawwwww!


My froofy drink at Spooky Empire's Mayhem.

Om nom nom booze.

I like bling. Shiny!