Monday, July 11, 2011

365 Days Of Photos: Days 336 - 348

Getting so close to the end of this project! Almost at 365! :D :D So here's some more.

Smoochin my Wife No. 1

My boss at Tootsy's... rockin the staff shirt for My UV parties!

Glowing FTW!

I love rockin the UV gear at My parties!

Too bag this pink wig glows orange, and not pink. But it still looks badass!

My new, super comfy, super ghey shorts!

Back to brown hairs, so not used to it!

Givin Wesley a smoo

Love Me some Pokemanz!

Betsey is the best dice kitteh ever.

Love this simply headband, it's like a mini tiara!

I love the colors in My eyes :D

New wig! Ahhhh I love the smell of new faux hairs!

Friday, July 01, 2011

Fred's gotta cheap toupee

Meow did I ever go e-window shopping for faux hairs. Tasty, tasty wigs.

I dig the colors on this, fun fun red & white.

I'm not usually into cutesy curls but this one is fun looking.

Blue hairs FTW! The bangs look a bit meh but it might just be this pic in particular... I'm sure I can fix em up.

Loving the deep, rich blue here. OMG

On the fence on the colors here, but I like the style.

Loving the fiery look here. Tasty tasty!


Back to the cutesy one but in pink.

The drool-worthy one that was in white, but a bit dark and smexy.

I can be a mermaid? :D :D

Blonde, pin-uppish. Hawt.

I dig the thick chunky colors.

More chunks, but pink!

And more!

A very 70s feel, which I love.

Oh hell yes, Ms Page!

Looks like it needs some styling, but I love the 2 tone.

LULZ the name but I love the look.

More mermaidy goodness!

I'd be rockin the evil Snow White thing here.

And well... duh. This one is a must.