Friday, July 01, 2011

Fred's gotta cheap toupee

Meow did I ever go e-window shopping for faux hairs. Tasty, tasty wigs.

I dig the colors on this, fun fun red & white.

I'm not usually into cutesy curls but this one is fun looking.

Blue hairs FTW! The bangs look a bit meh but it might just be this pic in particular... I'm sure I can fix em up.

Loving the deep, rich blue here. OMG

On the fence on the colors here, but I like the style.

Loving the fiery look here. Tasty tasty!


Back to the cutesy one but in pink.

The drool-worthy one that was in white, but a bit dark and smexy.

I can be a mermaid? :D :D

Blonde, pin-uppish. Hawt.

I dig the thick chunky colors.

More chunks, but pink!

And more!

A very 70s feel, which I love.

Oh hell yes, Ms Page!

Looks like it needs some styling, but I love the 2 tone.

LULZ the name but I love the look.

More mermaidy goodness!

I'd be rockin the evil Snow White thing here.

And well... duh. This one is a must.