Friday, December 16, 2011

Shawty got ass for days

Are we ready for more ass pictures? I'm sure we are!

Read a book! Read a book! Read a muh'fuckin book!

Someone asked me about what I read. Seemed like a fun project for images. I read a lot of crime suspense, especially those revolving around serial killers. I love Deaver, Reichs, and Harris.

I'm also into romance. Yes, literary smut. But I tend to stick to Paranormal Romance. If it has vampires, demons, witches, etc? I'm game. My favorites are Clamp & Adams, Showalter, and Kenyon. I got to meet Madame Kenyon at DragonCon this year. OMG I was a total fangirl. Turns out she digs strippers. YAY!
I'm also big into the Dresden Files and the Rachel Morgan series. Oh! And the Nightside series.

Beyond that I collect a lot of non fiction. Biographies on stars I adore, places, events, art/art history, and the occult. I have a MASSIVE ton of occult PDFs, alas... not the books. YET.

here are some recent finds at the library. Yay for $1 books!

Maybe I will post more book pics/info in other posts.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

12 Days of Stripmas (2011)

Fuck yer gold rings. I'll take a brass pole over the gold rings any day!

Back by popular demand, a parody I came up with some years back. I won't write out the WHOLE DAMN SONG, so you just get the list. Feel free to show it around, but please give me some props for the lyrics ;) The 12 Days of Stripmas is © Moi dammit. Don't make Me kick you.

12 strippers stripping (duh)
11 drunkards drinking
10 folded dollars
9 losers groping
8 bitches bitching
7 cheap asses staring
6 inch stilettos
4 purple bruises
3 stolen thongs
2 lines of coke
and half my money goes to the bar!

Friday, December 02, 2011

She smiles and it's dangerous, in a little black dress

Are ya'll ready for another product review?

Today's review is for a dress from They have a gorgeous, and user-friendly website, and good prices! I was quite excited to peruse their wares.

I ended up choosing this dress, with plans to use it for one of My UV parties at Tootsy's. I wasn't 100% positive that the ribbons would react under black light, but I was willing to give it a shot, and the dress is simple enough that adding to it wouldn't be an issue.

Here is what it looks like on the model:

I emailed back and forth with Shannon, who was a total sweetie, and the dress arrived in good time. Perfect timing, actually, for the event!

This was how the dress arrived in the mail, complete with a nice note from the company! Very nice of them to do so :D

Here's the dress, fresh out of the packaging:

It came laced up with the pink ribbons, and had the green ribbons separately packaged. It also came with a matching thong.

The thong is small on Me, low in the front, and low in the back. Not as tiny as some of the micro thongs I've worn on stage in the past, but still not super big. It'd probably cover more on a lady with less booty. It's a good thong though! Comfy and looks great on Me.

The package brought up one thing that I think ladies need to know:

The dress is SUPER short on Me. It'd be less so on someone with less ass, but it's still, most definitely, a Little Black Dress. It barely covered My ass. I wouldn't suggest it for anywhere that isn't tolerable of OMG ASS CHEEKS.

Here's the front on Me, with no bra:

The front didn't flatter My boobs. Whereas a bra would give more lift, it'd look silly behind the lace-up area on this. It cuts too low. I wonder if maybe one could use breast tape lifts to get more OOMF. Due to this and the shortness of the dress, I'd suggest this dress to someone with bigger boobs and a smaller ass than Myself.

Here's what the lacing looks like on the back:

It takes some tugging and adjusting to get it to not bunch up at the holes. It bunches more when you lace it up tighter. At this point I had it decently loose, and showing off some skin.

The ribbons, alas, were not super reactive to black light, as you can see, feel free to click on the image to get the full view:

Here are some pics of the outfit at the UV party, with more UV accents:

I told ya'll it was short lol! I had to tug it down a lot. It's a great lil dress though! Very comfy. I got a lot of compliments!

Body Kandi is an awesome site, and I will be shopping with them quite a bit in the future. I recommend them, highly!

Hope you can come up with the answers babe

Time for some more delicious Q&A, bitches!

Q1) What turns you on the most, during sex or even just during foreplay?

A1) Oooh baby! Great question!! Let's see...

Kissing, biting, or even breathing on My neck.

Ending a passionate kiss by nibbling on My lip.

Hair pulling for sure, but only from a naturally dominant male.

Light kisses on My wrists, shoulders, and the small of My back.

Licking My stomach, specifically between My navel and where the Landing Strip would be... if I didn't subscribe to Shaved Bald Weekly.

Q2) If you put your music on randomly, what would the playlist look like?

A2)I can show you! I took screen shots of a playlist today for ya'll. It's missing some country, Bhangra, and some ambient... but it's a decent representation of My tastes.

Q3)How many women in porn enjoy receiving oral in personal life?

A#) Well, I haven't the time nor resources to do a poll and ask every female porn star in the world but... I can take a guess, and base it on what I feel personally, and what I've heard from other stars...

There are probably about as many female porn stars who enjoy receiving oral, for fun, as there are in any other job. Sure, repetitive, emotionless sex can numb/burn out some chicks, but so can shitty sex/shitty Significant Others, so I don't think that the job description has TOO much to do with the ratio here. A lot of women in the industry enjoy what they do, and/or are able to separate Work Sex from Romantic Sex. I acknowledge that a few ladies have ended up with damaged girlie bits due to the job, but that % isn't enough to tip the scales in My opinion of this subject.