Friday, December 16, 2011

Read a book! Read a book! Read a muh'fuckin book!

Someone asked me about what I read. Seemed like a fun project for images. I read a lot of crime suspense, especially those revolving around serial killers. I love Deaver, Reichs, and Harris.

I'm also into romance. Yes, literary smut. But I tend to stick to Paranormal Romance. If it has vampires, demons, witches, etc? I'm game. My favorites are Clamp & Adams, Showalter, and Kenyon. I got to meet Madame Kenyon at DragonCon this year. OMG I was a total fangirl. Turns out she digs strippers. YAY!
I'm also big into the Dresden Files and the Rachel Morgan series. Oh! And the Nightside series.

Beyond that I collect a lot of non fiction. Biographies on stars I adore, places, events, art/art history, and the occult. I have a MASSIVE ton of occult PDFs, alas... not the books. YET.

here are some recent finds at the library. Yay for $1 books!

Maybe I will post more book pics/info in other posts.