Wednesday, December 14, 2011

12 Days of Stripmas (2011)

Fuck yer gold rings. I'll take a brass pole over the gold rings any day!

Back by popular demand, a parody I came up with some years back. I won't write out the WHOLE DAMN SONG, so you just get the list. Feel free to show it around, but please give me some props for the lyrics ;) The 12 Days of Stripmas is © Moi dammit. Don't make Me kick you.

12 strippers stripping (duh)
11 drunkards drinking
10 folded dollars
9 losers groping
8 bitches bitching
7 cheap asses staring
6 inch stilettos
4 purple bruises
3 stolen thongs
2 lines of coke
and half my money goes to the bar!