Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sing Along With The Bouncing Balls...

I have fun friends. We come up with silly ideas.

Whilst discussing possible porn ideas, we got to the topic of musical porn. Porn. Musicals. Show Tunes. Fucking. Hahahahaaa!

Then someone linked to this. I must own it.

So yeah, musical porno. I must make one. I'd be the director, however. I can't sing.

But now I have to write a script. HAHAHAHAAA!!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Camorama 3000

So I lied. I ended up on cam anyways. Oops! It was better than I expected, but not lucrative this time around. Way different than iFriends. The basic chat is free so we did a lot of bullshitting, and I teased a lot. I wasn't about to get 100% nekkid for free! No one got a show in private, but one guy had Me do a scavenger hunt! Yup. Topless hunting. A q-tip, nail clippers, unopened soap, ice cream, a cat, etc. 15 tokens an item lol. It pissed off all the cheapos, they never got to see free pussy. Oops! But a few dudes were real sweet, and made My comeback to cam wenching rather tolerable LOL.

Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin' everywhere

Monday, May 24, 2010

A Day In The Life Of My Winamp...

I've got an... interesting mix of music going right now. I've not much else to do whilst the hair bleaches, so here's what is playing:

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Is That Yer Clutch Or Are You Happy To See Me?

Sometimes, when I have a hyper, silly moment... things get ranted about and rambled upon... that are just strange. Tonight, Viror and I discussed vehicle sex. And I don't mean like, Transformers porn. I mean like, fucking in a car.

Countless rockers have written songs about carfucking. Nickleback did it. Meatloaf went on about it for about 8 and a half minutes about the subject. Motley Crue, Loggins & Messina (and then Poison revisited it), I could go on... and that's just rock music. Sheez.

But WHY? I never found car sex to be all that awesome. I mean, there's a seat belt buckle digging into My back, the window against My feet is FRIGGIN COLD, My head keeps hitting the door. Fun times! Wait.. what? Or there's the chiropractors wet dream of Me doin it in the front seat, Gods forbid! My spine is packing it's bags just by Me blogging this now. Sweet crispy christ!

People make jokes about it. Songs are sung about it. It's portrayed in movies and videos. But am I the only one who thinks that car sex sucks? Give Me a nice, comfy, huge ol' bed. Thank you very much!

Ok, I can understand the Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures things. Frustrated teens having to take their sweaty couplings to the car because the folks are home but... damn. Thank you, adulthood. You have given Me responsibility, maturity, the ability to buy My own booze, the right to vote, no curfew, and NO CAR SEX.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Poor Bunny Boy...

Once upon a time, an animation went viral on the interwebs, like they do. It amused me. Yeah, the animation was cute, but it was the song that got Me. I ended up using it when I danced, which was fun as shit. The lyrics just taunted the men watching. I still use it from time to time! I also love to dedicate it to the humiliation junkies that tend to flock to Me. Hur hur. It suits them. It's nothing new by now, but it popped up on My Itunes just now, so I was inspired to share.

Cam Wench 2.0

About 10 years ago I did some webcam "porn" for a while, whilst I lived in SoCal. I was strictly on iFriends at the time and it was a nice 50/50 Solo Girl Porn / fetishy goodness.

Well now I'm going to go back to it. I've gotten all set up on one site. Here, since they don't have categories, I'm going to keep it simple and keep it vanilla Solo Girl. It has a tentative schedule on it. It really depends on which job I worked that day. Primarily I will be on late nights, EST.

Once I get re-started on iFriends, I will do fetishy cam sessions there.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Some Like It Hot

I am obsessed with Marilyn. I have a Marilyn theme in My living room and man, when it's finished... Woooha!

I've been plotting a Marilyn Monroe costume for some time now. Something breakaway for performing on stage, but still looks whole for shoots. Here's a refresher course:

I'm going for her pink look in Gentlemen, like thus:




Of course, there are costume companies that churn out a cheap knockoff in bulk, but I want a custom one, and like I said, I want it breakaway. I'd be chopping the skirt of it up to mid-thigh, toning the back bow down a bit (maybe make it as wide as My ass but, not much past it!) I think, since so many photos and clips from the film show so many shades of pink, I'd like to go with something not quite... this dark. More like the shade used in the promo art, if I can. As long as I can get matching gloves.

Then I need to snag the rhinestones, since acquiring that many diamonds is so very unrealistic LOL. I'd need to get some sparkle for the wrists, the ears, and the neck. The bracelets I can fudge a bit and not get them spot on, since they aren't really focused on in the scene. The necklaces? I could probably just get this and few folks would notice, but I'd notice LOL. I'd rather get something Almost Perfect, like this if possible. The earrings wont get a lot of attention, so these would do.

This leaves Me with finding the right shoes, and then a really nice wig, unless I do things half-assed (with an ass this big, even half-assed is a lot) and just go wig-less, since I'm blonde now... but the length and style is so very way off. This wig works real well and looks quality. Likewise this one. And Marilyn wore black heels with all that pink (*gasp*) so I could either get My custom black heels fixed, or go with something more like the style she wore.

Aaaaaaand.... for a shoot, I'd like to dress up a herd of drag kings as the dapper dancing men!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Long Distance Domination

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away (California) I was a cam wench on iFriends. Solo pr0n, girl on girl, an domination. Woot! That was oh... 10 years ago.

I've decided to pad My wallet more than usual by going back to iFriends. This time it will be 100% Domination, tease, denial, etc. No pr0n at this time. I've gotten a cam upgrade, and all that's left for Me to do is finish updating My iFriends account to the site's likings. So yeah... coming soon to a webcam near you!

Here's some shots to show off the new cam's HD-ness! Yeehaw :D (the first pic is clickable to enlarge)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fan Question Answered!

Today I've decided to answer a question that was emailed to Me by a fan!

Dear Paige,

I love your website, and this new blog is great! Very hot! When you're blogging, what do you like to wear?

Much love, Evan

LOL wow ok, I think I can answer that rather easily.... let Me just show you, Evan! I'm all about being comfy when I spend hours at the PC, and what could be more comfy?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Do Want. Do Want Badly.

It's so freaking sexy it hurts.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Damned Sexy Beast

She sure is a hottie. Muhahahahhahaa! I'd hit that.

Stupid People On The Interwebs

A while ago, on MFDS, a rather... verbose submissive male approached Me. He really never shut up, but I chalked that up as enthusiastic...

But he talked and talked and talked... and that's all he did. Ugh. It was a verbal wank-fest.

Needless to say I haven't talked to him in months, after telling him off for being a huge time waster.

But he sure does love to IM Me... Sheesh.

You currently appear offline to Mr Dave.

Mr Dave: hello, Goddess
Mr Dave: How are you today
Mr Dave: So, you are being sexy at work?
Mr Dave: Hello
Mr Dave: Hello, Goddess
Mr Dave: Hello
Mr Dave: How are you
Mr Dave: I havent seen you in a while
Mr Dave: How are you
Mr Dave: Hey, how are you doing?
Mr Dave: I can't stop thinking of being your bitch
Mr Dave: Hope your doing ok
Mr Dave: How do I please you? Do you have a way I can send you a money pak?
Mr Dave: Hello
Mr Dave: How are you
Mr Dave: I hope your doing good
Mr Dave: I will be gone for a bit, but I do hope you a wonderful evening
Mr Dave: Do you have greendot goddess?
Mr Dave: Hello, Goddess
Mr Dave: How are you doing today.
Mr Dave: You sound so sadistic. I feel nervous to meet you, but I keep feeling so helpless before you
Mr Dave: I wonder how I can please you
Mr Dave: I am ready to visit you, sometime soon
Mr Dave: I may be able to visit before long. I was wondering if you would cam verify before I visit though
Mr Dave: I am nvervous as hell, because I know your going to bust my nuts
Mr Dave: but I feel so helpless
Mr Dave: pls let me know if your still ready to meet me later cause I would love to
Mr Dave: I think it will be about just over $100 round trip for gas there

I felt the need to bold one part for extra lulz. A) I never once said he was ever going to visit Me... and B) I have to verify what exactly? LMFAO!!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Picture Post Por Favor?

My super awesome hinting skills are super awesome. c__c;

This is Applesauce, the official Bar Ferret.

Applesauce <3s Me :D

Ghost likes My custom heels so much, she uses them to zzzzzzzzzzz on.

Sunday, May 02, 2010


I mean the eye shadow pallet, not the emotion. Hur hur. Yes, another post about makeup. Because sometimes it's not about My tits and ass, it's about My eyes. :P

I snagged Wet N Wild's ColorIcon pallet in Lust. It's disgustingly gorgeous. 6 colors in all! From top to bottom on the left side, there is a matte peach that has a touch of pink in it, a patte plum-wine color, and a darker matte plum. On the right, is a faintly glittery peach, a glittery gunmetal gray, and a glittery plum-wine that is seriously... wow. I would have sex with it. Hah! Seriously fun colors to do a smokey look with, and I cant wait to rock them at Tootsy's on Monday. The smokey look is something I kept cliniging too after the Blonde Times began, and mauves and pinks are kinda new for Me, but I'm loving that I can use em both together.

Here is one pic I found on the net, but it doesn't do the purples any justice. Oddly enough its not quite int he same order as Mine.

Another pic that makes the gray look bluish. Again, the gray and the glittery plum are switched compared to Mine.

This one shows them off well. Gods that glittery wine color is sex. PS, I guess My pallet is a fluke, cause here it shows some placement reversal.

But anyways... onward!

My othe good find is Maybelline's Sparkling Wine shadow. It's in a High Pearl Finish, and its someplace between a metallic plum and a metallic terra cotta. I really can't think of a better way to describe it. I adore it to bits! I've worn it out a few times and it's gone over very well.

Here's a pic of it for ya!

I'd promise pictures, but My cell phone's camera never does any of My makeup any real justice as far as capturing the actual colors. Lemme try to snag a camera and... we'll see!