Sunday, May 02, 2010


I mean the eye shadow pallet, not the emotion. Hur hur. Yes, another post about makeup. Because sometimes it's not about My tits and ass, it's about My eyes. :P

I snagged Wet N Wild's ColorIcon pallet in Lust. It's disgustingly gorgeous. 6 colors in all! From top to bottom on the left side, there is a matte peach that has a touch of pink in it, a patte plum-wine color, and a darker matte plum. On the right, is a faintly glittery peach, a glittery gunmetal gray, and a glittery plum-wine that is seriously... wow. I would have sex with it. Hah! Seriously fun colors to do a smokey look with, and I cant wait to rock them at Tootsy's on Monday. The smokey look is something I kept cliniging too after the Blonde Times began, and mauves and pinks are kinda new for Me, but I'm loving that I can use em both together.

Here is one pic I found on the net, but it doesn't do the purples any justice. Oddly enough its not quite int he same order as Mine.

Another pic that makes the gray look bluish. Again, the gray and the glittery plum are switched compared to Mine.

This one shows them off well. Gods that glittery wine color is sex. PS, I guess My pallet is a fluke, cause here it shows some placement reversal.

But anyways... onward!

My othe good find is Maybelline's Sparkling Wine shadow. It's in a High Pearl Finish, and its someplace between a metallic plum and a metallic terra cotta. I really can't think of a better way to describe it. I adore it to bits! I've worn it out a few times and it's gone over very well.

Here's a pic of it for ya!

I'd promise pictures, but My cell phone's camera never does any of My makeup any real justice as far as capturing the actual colors. Lemme try to snag a camera and... we'll see!