Saturday, May 08, 2010

Stupid People On The Interwebs

A while ago, on MFDS, a rather... verbose submissive male approached Me. He really never shut up, but I chalked that up as enthusiastic...

But he talked and talked and talked... and that's all he did. Ugh. It was a verbal wank-fest.

Needless to say I haven't talked to him in months, after telling him off for being a huge time waster.

But he sure does love to IM Me... Sheesh.

You currently appear offline to Mr Dave.

Mr Dave: hello, Goddess
Mr Dave: How are you today
Mr Dave: So, you are being sexy at work?
Mr Dave: Hello
Mr Dave: Hello, Goddess
Mr Dave: Hello
Mr Dave: How are you
Mr Dave: I havent seen you in a while
Mr Dave: How are you
Mr Dave: Hey, how are you doing?
Mr Dave: I can't stop thinking of being your bitch
Mr Dave: Hope your doing ok
Mr Dave: How do I please you? Do you have a way I can send you a money pak?
Mr Dave: Hello
Mr Dave: How are you
Mr Dave: I hope your doing good
Mr Dave: I will be gone for a bit, but I do hope you a wonderful evening
Mr Dave: Do you have greendot goddess?
Mr Dave: Hello, Goddess
Mr Dave: How are you doing today.
Mr Dave: You sound so sadistic. I feel nervous to meet you, but I keep feeling so helpless before you
Mr Dave: I wonder how I can please you
Mr Dave: I am ready to visit you, sometime soon
Mr Dave: I may be able to visit before long. I was wondering if you would cam verify before I visit though
Mr Dave: I am nvervous as hell, because I know your going to bust my nuts
Mr Dave: but I feel so helpless
Mr Dave: pls let me know if your still ready to meet me later cause I would love to
Mr Dave: I think it will be about just over $100 round trip for gas there

I felt the need to bold one part for extra lulz. A) I never once said he was ever going to visit Me... and B) I have to verify what exactly? LMFAO!!