Saturday, May 15, 2010

Some Like It Hot

I am obsessed with Marilyn. I have a Marilyn theme in My living room and man, when it's finished... Woooha!

I've been plotting a Marilyn Monroe costume for some time now. Something breakaway for performing on stage, but still looks whole for shoots. Here's a refresher course:

I'm going for her pink look in Gentlemen, like thus:




Of course, there are costume companies that churn out a cheap knockoff in bulk, but I want a custom one, and like I said, I want it breakaway. I'd be chopping the skirt of it up to mid-thigh, toning the back bow down a bit (maybe make it as wide as My ass but, not much past it!) I think, since so many photos and clips from the film show so many shades of pink, I'd like to go with something not quite... this dark. More like the shade used in the promo art, if I can. As long as I can get matching gloves.

Then I need to snag the rhinestones, since acquiring that many diamonds is so very unrealistic LOL. I'd need to get some sparkle for the wrists, the ears, and the neck. The bracelets I can fudge a bit and not get them spot on, since they aren't really focused on in the scene. The necklaces? I could probably just get this and few folks would notice, but I'd notice LOL. I'd rather get something Almost Perfect, like this if possible. The earrings wont get a lot of attention, so these would do.

This leaves Me with finding the right shoes, and then a really nice wig, unless I do things half-assed (with an ass this big, even half-assed is a lot) and just go wig-less, since I'm blonde now... but the length and style is so very way off. This wig works real well and looks quality. Likewise this one. And Marilyn wore black heels with all that pink (*gasp*) so I could either get My custom black heels fixed, or go with something more like the style she wore.

Aaaaaaand.... for a shoot, I'd like to dress up a herd of drag kings as the dapper dancing men!