Sunday, February 05, 2012

You've got all these great answers to all these great questions

Q1) You sure are a busy lady! What do you do in your spare time?

A1) I have spare time? LOL ok I admit, sometimes I do. And sometimes I have enough energy to do something other than sleep! So let’s see here, how about a list of Leisure Activities?

I work on new art! When I have the supplies, I do things from make stained glass to bullet jewelry, I make collages, paint, sketch… but My major passion is PC-related. I design fractal art.

I play video games. On the PC I have a lot of retro games and Pokemon games via emulators, I play on My 360… games like Castlevania, Soul Calibur, Bayonetta, Final Fantasy, Alan Wake… and I still have a PS2, a PS1, and an NES! I love retro games, horror, fighting, and RPG games.

I read a lot. Mostly fantasy, crime suspense, and paranormal romance. I love a few series, such as the Lincoln Rhyme series by Jefferey Deaver, The Lords series by Gena Showalter, and the Dresden series by Jim Butler. I also love biographical and pictoral biographies about favorite actors, artists, musicians, places…

Q2) How exactly does the transition from “I like to whip people” to “I get paid to whip people” take place?

A2) Oh good one! For Me personally, I was whipping people for fun when, one day, I met a Pro Domme and we were talking about All Things Kink. I said I would love to do what she does, and she liked My personality, so she offered to train Me.
For others, it might be just wanting the $ and hitting up a local dungeon to see if they hire/train.

Or one might run into a Pro via a Munch, or going to a kinky club… then you two hit it off and training happens.

I’ve even seen the opposite occur. A chick (or dude) gets a gig at a dungeon, or is an escort… learns the trade, and THEN realizes they like it and do it for fun!

Q3) What would be your perfect date?

A3) Oh My… a date! A date? Ok! Well, I’m going to look at this from the Newly Dating angle. When things are fresh and sparkly. When folks are still trying hard enough to make that statement of “I am very interested in pursuing you.”

First off, I’d like a reason to get dressed up all fancy. I love seeing a couple all dressed up together. It isn’t really the whole idea of wherever they’re going is pricey and swanky and $$$, but it’s the feel of being all fancified and glamorous and special. I enjoy that feeling, and it’d be nice to be able to do that kind of enjoying on occasion. So yes. All dressed up, but is there somewhere to go?

Sure, let us go to that upscale restaurant for once. Even if it’s a Once In A Lifetime thing. Or, at least, Once In Our Time together. Heh! The ambiance, the food, the time spent together feeling swanky. It all combines to a really great feeling.

Yes, I’m focused on feelings. They’re important in this whole dating thing, after all!

So we’re dining, we’re looking and feeling amazing, and we’re chatting about everything we can think of. Getting To Know You is a great thing. I love that stage in Dating. Tis super important and fun at the same time. So we get a lot of that done, and even manage to slip in a few pieces of Inappropriate Conversation, low key, just for the giggles of doing so in such a fine establishment. Hah!

The meal was a hit, and we still look good. Dinner and dancing? Sure, but I have a twist for that. No club, no ballroom… no, take Me and My swank dress to a park or a garden. Just you, Me, and a portable radio to dance to under the moonlight. Now THAT is romantic! Intimate moments, in a place that isn’t usually thought of as intimate, but is right then and there.

After all this fun, and you walk Me to My door, don’t expect to be coming in and getting laid. That can wait for another night. What would make a perfect ending to this date? Kiss Me and whisper something that is going to keep Me awake all night, anticipating when we do hop into bed together. What? Why do you think I’d pile sex on top of such a great night? Too much stimulus can be too much. Let Me have the rest of the night to savor the date and think about horribly wicked things to do to you tomorrow!

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Check my panties and my bra

As promised, a review on some CK underthings I'd recently acquired. No, Calvin Klein did NOT ask Me to review anything. I just want to.

If anyone knows Me beyond just My face on the computer screen, you'd know I have super OCD. Oh yes. Yes I do. And one thing My OCD demands is matching clothes. Especially bra + panties. I am one cranky bitch if whats under My clothes doesn't match. Even if I'm not on stage or in front of a camera, for folks to actually SEE said underthings.

So when I was able to snag this set? Holy balls was I happy! I can match 3 times with 1 bra! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Now, I don't usually buy from CK. At least not their undies. Never really heard much about them to want to shell out what they cost brand new. But then, a new friend of mine started raving about how amazing they are and how great they feel on... and these particular underthings were on sale. So... why not?

Here are the 3 undies and the bra:

Orange usually isn't My thing. I like Hooters and all, but damn. Traffic cone colors don't do it for Me. But these? I liked these. Go figure. And the thong style always struck Me as odd. It's been a new trend for CK thongs... they look like someone cut them out of a big bolt of fabric and never added a seam. It struck Me as odd. It looked unfinished. But I was tempted to try them just because these would match the set.

Holy shit the thong is comfy! I don't like the look of them, so I didn't snap a pic in them, but they are so comfortable I could weep. The cotton panties are very comfy too, but I just can't get over the feel of that Unfinished Thong.

I will also give props to the bra. It's not a push up, which I tend to gravitate towards, but I like it. Feels good, looks good.

All in all, I'd buy more underthings from CK, but not at full price.

And for My usual pervy fans, here's some pics of Me in some of these undies!

My cherie amour, pretty little one that I adore

Who is reviewing another bit of make-uppy goodness? Me! Oh yes, yes I am. Because makeup is crack. CRACK! So let's get to the good stuff, shall we?

Macy's & Lancome are having a Gift special right now. Buy something of a certain monetary value, get the gift. Pretty straight forward. I've been eyeballing their eyeshadows for a while now, and this was a great opportunity to get the one I wanted most, and get some groovy freebies!

The shadow palette I went with is called Mauve Cherie. I love the colors, love the glitter, and they're perfect colors for My hazel eyes.

Here's the palette with the gift, including the swank bag. I picked, for My gift, the Renergie Lift Volumetry creme, Genifique concentrate, Visionnaire corrector, Aquatique shadow primer in Nude, Juicy Tubes gloss in Moulin Rose, and Hypnose Doll Lashes in So Black!... Squee.

This is the Mauve Cherie palette. The taupe and the black have great glitter in them. Not too heavy on the glitter, but it's there and it sparkles!

Swatches with a flash. The beige, then the mauves, then the taupe and black.

Same swatch order, sans flash.

And here they are on Me. The 2nd mauve is very subtle when put on with the 1st. Not a huge difference between them, IMHO. Blending them together seems to be useless. But I will try a few more times/ways to be sure. I'd like to play with JUST the black at some point, see how it looks alone. Details to follow, probably added to this post.

The beige is super light. I like it, but I dunno if I like how the application guide that come with the palette use it. They suggest using it on the entire lid, up to the brow.. but it might be TOO light for Me in particular. Anyone more pale than I? Might be better for ya.

I like this palette. I like how it compliments and brings out My eye color. I love the shine and the glitter to it. It makes Me squee quite a bit.

The primer is also very groovy. So far it is keeping the shadows still and bright.

I will add to this review for the lip gloss and mascara later on.


Tried using the glittery taupe as a base, the beige, that they suggested as base, as a highlight at the brow, and the bolder mauve on the lower half of the lid. Like this combo a lot.

The mascara almost rivals My current love, Rimmel's Glam Eyes. Almost. It keeps the lashes nice and seperated, and it lengthens, but not quite as much as the Glam Eyes. However, I do really, really like how this mascara works on My lower lashes. Length and seperation like a BOSS! Major thumbs up for that.

The lip gloss... When you get it out of the tube, it looks very opaque. A bright bubblegum pink. But it goes on very sheer. It gives a good deal of shine, and just a touch of color. A bit sticky, but I'm ok with that.