Saturday, February 04, 2012

Check my panties and my bra

As promised, a review on some CK underthings I'd recently acquired. No, Calvin Klein did NOT ask Me to review anything. I just want to.

If anyone knows Me beyond just My face on the computer screen, you'd know I have super OCD. Oh yes. Yes I do. And one thing My OCD demands is matching clothes. Especially bra + panties. I am one cranky bitch if whats under My clothes doesn't match. Even if I'm not on stage or in front of a camera, for folks to actually SEE said underthings.

So when I was able to snag this set? Holy balls was I happy! I can match 3 times with 1 bra! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Now, I don't usually buy from CK. At least not their undies. Never really heard much about them to want to shell out what they cost brand new. But then, a new friend of mine started raving about how amazing they are and how great they feel on... and these particular underthings were on sale. So... why not?

Here are the 3 undies and the bra:

Orange usually isn't My thing. I like Hooters and all, but damn. Traffic cone colors don't do it for Me. But these? I liked these. Go figure. And the thong style always struck Me as odd. It's been a new trend for CK thongs... they look like someone cut them out of a big bolt of fabric and never added a seam. It struck Me as odd. It looked unfinished. But I was tempted to try them just because these would match the set.

Holy shit the thong is comfy! I don't like the look of them, so I didn't snap a pic in them, but they are so comfortable I could weep. The cotton panties are very comfy too, but I just can't get over the feel of that Unfinished Thong.

I will also give props to the bra. It's not a push up, which I tend to gravitate towards, but I like it. Feels good, looks good.

All in all, I'd buy more underthings from CK, but not at full price.

And for My usual pervy fans, here's some pics of Me in some of these undies!