Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Will Taste You...

This is one of My current favorite songs to strip to. It's delicious. The video is kinda meh in a headtilt sorta way but... yeah. Mmmm.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Make Up Like A Rock Star

Well maybe. Got Myself all did up for the Pop Evil show tonight! And because some of My followers ask about My makeup, here's the skinny:

Base: Covergirl's Clean in Soft Honey (255)
Press Powder: Maybelline's Dream Matte in Beige Medium
Upper Eyelids: NYC's Cheek Glow* in Riverside Rose (651A)
Lower Eyelids: Maybelline's Expertwear Shadow in Sparkling Wine (High Pearl Finish)
Liner: Covergirl's Perfect Point Plus in Black Onyx (200)
Eye Glitter: Wet N Wild's Mega Sparkle in Lilac Frosting (776A)
Mascara: Rimmel's Glam'Eyes in Extreme Black (003)
Lip Liner: Milani's Easyliner For Lips in Mauvie Star
Lips: NYC's Lipin Large Lip Plumper in Plum Tart

Keep in mind that the lighting has My eyes lookin hella pale. It's quite dramatic in a Pink kinda way to be honest...

* Yes I use blushes as eyeshadows. I love it!

Vampirella Lite

Giving folks a lil Retro Paige Goodness. A photo taken back at Inner Room 2 years ago. Rockin My fave outfit. Haven't worn this in years. And I miss My super awesome claws of doom. *sob* I was so fucking hot!

Boogie In Yer Butt

$100 isn't by any means an Amazing Stripper Night for most, but around here, around now? Sure. And it seemed like I did better than most. Also, not too shabby for having basically been a retired stripper for the past year or so. Hah! I looked amazing, IMHO, and in the opinion of People Who Count. This is the best I've looked in probably 4 years. Yay! Without surgery, I'm still very happy with how I look right now. Huzzah. My own horn, I toot it!

Did some dances, had some drinks, laughed quite a bit, hung out with Wife #1.

I tell ya what, though... it's gonna take some time to get used to the blonde/tan thing. My tits and hair GLOWED on stage. OMG! XD

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

new ETA for Tootsy's is 7pm

Picture Post Time!

Figured I'd drop a photo on ya'll today :)

Performing Tonight!

Yes, you heard Me right... I'm dancing at Tootsy's tonight. See the Where To Find Paige for more details. So grab yer wallets and get ready!

My Dad Is Awesome.

So there. No, I mean it. My Dad is super amazing. Check it. Second, larger of the photos in the article. Yup. My Dad!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Boobquake Fail

Alas, due to things that make Me say OW, I am home instead of at Tootsy's. No Boobquaking for Me. But I hope the Quake is epic for everyone else.


Get ready for Boobquake, ya'll! On April 26th women (hopefully) everywhere will be participating. Yours truly as well. For more information, check out this blog right hur. Or stop by the official Facebook page for it!

C'mon ya'll... its TITTIES!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mother's Day

5/9 is Mothers Day this year, so this Monday and the following Monday, for every $5 that I make in tips at the front door of Tootsy's, I am donating $1 to the American Cancer Society in my mother's honor. I hope folks will help out! :) After all, it's My Mom's fault I'm this awesome LOL!

gotta love a SAVE THE TATAS bumper sticker!

Monday, April 19, 2010

there is NOTHING bad about getting a $50 tip for handing someone their drink!

Ladies! Nothing says ROMANCE like sneaking up behind yer man at Walmart, doin a Reach Between to grab his junk, and yellin "AH LOVE YEW AND YER DANGLIN SEX!!"

Saturday, April 10, 2010

No Yellow Polka Dots Plz.

It's warm again and that means beach time! Good thing it's across the street! :D

So I need a new bikini so that I might infect the beach with My fierceness. Updated wishlist here!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

A Night With Gen

I'm a touch late on this post, but PC issues has Me behind on everything!

One of My heroes is Gen from the Genitorturers. She's amazing in so many ways I need to write out a concise list.

She performed at Sports Page, which is next to Tootsy's. I had to be there!

OP* is the best, but I really don't get much time to go to his bar. I need to remedy this. I snagged Viror and we went out. The first opening band rocked My socks. I wanted to have sex with their music. Very good shit, I do say. I wanted to lick them. I shall have to do so at some point. I also need to own their tunes. Yis.

Opening band #2 was groovy as well, but.... possibly due to the sound set up, the Hot Chick Singer was drowned out most of the time, resulting in her being not much more than eye candy. But the music was still awesome. And she WAS definitely hot.

What can I say about Gen and her show? Afuckingmazing. She can still rock My stripey socks right off. She's still smokin hot, and puts on a seriously A++ raunchfest. Kudos to seeing REAL tassle twirling for the first time in eons. I still love her music, and her new stuff didn't dissapoint.

There were a few local ink slingers there with tables set up, but alas... I didn't have the fundage to get the chest piece finished. SOON!

I got a lot of quality time with Wife #1, however, and this is always a plus. I love her. And time with Viror = win every time. Especially when its hangin at a bar.

I really hope to be able to Be Seen at Sports Page more often. Cross yer fingers. Do it. Now. Yeah, even you. You over there, with the face.

Friday, April 02, 2010

For Those About To Rock

Awwwww yeah, gettin Myself all done up for GenXX! This is gonna be wicked. :D

Hopefully I shall have photos soon. PC is being cranky, so it won't be right away like ya'll are used to.