Thursday, April 08, 2010

A Night With Gen

I'm a touch late on this post, but PC issues has Me behind on everything!

One of My heroes is Gen from the Genitorturers. She's amazing in so many ways I need to write out a concise list.

She performed at Sports Page, which is next to Tootsy's. I had to be there!

OP* is the best, but I really don't get much time to go to his bar. I need to remedy this. I snagged Viror and we went out. The first opening band rocked My socks. I wanted to have sex with their music. Very good shit, I do say. I wanted to lick them. I shall have to do so at some point. I also need to own their tunes. Yis.

Opening band #2 was groovy as well, but.... possibly due to the sound set up, the Hot Chick Singer was drowned out most of the time, resulting in her being not much more than eye candy. But the music was still awesome. And she WAS definitely hot.

What can I say about Gen and her show? Afuckingmazing. She can still rock My stripey socks right off. She's still smokin hot, and puts on a seriously A++ raunchfest. Kudos to seeing REAL tassle twirling for the first time in eons. I still love her music, and her new stuff didn't dissapoint.

There were a few local ink slingers there with tables set up, but alas... I didn't have the fundage to get the chest piece finished. SOON!

I got a lot of quality time with Wife #1, however, and this is always a plus. I love her. And time with Viror = win every time. Especially when its hangin at a bar.

I really hope to be able to Be Seen at Sports Page more often. Cross yer fingers. Do it. Now. Yeah, even you. You over there, with the face.