Sunday, June 26, 2011

you're a hypocrite, and i don't know why

Hypocrisy makes Me ill. It always has. Always will. Preach and preach and preach, but only when the people you now call BAD have turned you down for TEH RANDOM SEX!

Case in point, a certain dick-driven male on Facebook (that narrows it down, I realize...) who added a fuck ton of strippers, porn stars, adult models, etc. Ok. That's nothing new. A lot of My fans on Facebook have a ton of other ladies listed. Most of them I know or know of. But this fine fellow?

One day he decides to post this gem on his Facebook:

I cant believe these porn sluts call themselves actors and actresses. U dont have 2 know how 2 act 2 fuck on camera. Smmfh Stop calling yourself an actress and call yourself what u really r. A whore.

Of course I call him out on the bullshit of that entire statement, AND that he is a serious hypocrite for saying such bullshit when he has all of us hard working ladies on his "friends" list. He never once defends add requesting us, but he goes on to tell me that all FACT about the difference between pornography and prostitution is wrong because HIS OPINION is right.

Oh the sad, sad creature.