Tuesday, June 21, 2011

There's time to rest the day you'll drop

Trying so hard to get back into a shape I approve of.

I approve of this shape lol...

You know why I hate doing push ups/crunches? I've had back issues since I was a teenager and just... ow. Can we say OW much? Cause I sure can say OW... and not even the GOOD kind of ow!

As a sadomasochist, I have the whole Good Ow/Bad Ow thing down. Down like the high school slut beneath the bleachers.

And as said sadomasochist, My variables for Ow are rather plentiful.

As a sadist, I am good at giving you an Ow that you like. I am also good at giving you an Ow that you wont like. Either way is good for Me, unless their is jail time involved... hur hur.

As a masochist, I have Ows that I enjoy receiving, and Ows that I can SO live without. Back pain from sit ups is definitely a Bad Ow.