Saturday, June 04, 2011

365 Days Of Photos: Days 288 - 308

Finally able to upload some pics! Whew.

Here I am gettin ready for the fiery red. My hairs look like Easter lol.

Seriously. Easter hairs.

The dye is in place!

Dats some red!

Muh hairs are on fire! Onoes!

Crazy color, eh? Loved it!

Wanna climb the mountains?

In the darkness, the red still looks pink lol.

More fire.

This pic is older, kinda cheating. It was in oh.... 2005? I was always a cat lady lol.

Bath time!

I love Me some paranormal romance novels. Yay smut!

Arrrrr! Here I was ready for the new Pirates movie. As in Depp, not as in porn. Hur hur.

Playin with some new clip in hairs. Hahahahaaa.

More fake hair silliness.

I am obviously up to no good.

I has a bunneh. It actually belonged to a friend's daughter. Dawwwww!


My froofy drink at Spooky Empire's Mayhem.

Om nom nom booze.

I like bling. Shiny!