Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oh you pretty things

I have a new girl crush. Not in an I Want To Fuck Her Silly way. But in a younger or just less experienced girl crushes on the elder or teacher figure. I find it very interesting because the sugary sweet, perfect girls were always the ones that filled Me with spiteful rage as a teen. Now that I'm all adultified, I'm still not too keen on the Over The Top ones, but this woman is so cute and sweet and innocent that it slays any wall I would have thrown up to keep her away. She makes me smile, laugh, even GIGGLE!

She's a makeup and hair Diva, and I worship her. She does tutorials for makeup, tanning supplies, hair styles, etc. She also reviews makeup, hair products, skin care products, etc.

I follow her Youtube.

And her blog.

And her Facebook.

And her Tweets.

I am indeedy an e-stalker, but the good kind. I'm nice, and sweet (to her), and I would totally bake her cookies and give her back and foot massages (she's pregnant!).

OMG if she ever reads this, I swear I am not creepy!! :( :(

So that leads into a makeup tutorial that I want to try:

And THIS lead to a website for the eye shadows. OMG they are SUCH A BARGAIN!!! I'm drooling.

I do want 1 of their Holiday Packages...

Package 3) $27.00

Includes: 9 Piece Palette, (1) Blush, (1) Lip Balm Tubie, Gold Holiday Gift Bag

That would be amazing, but any gifters would have to step to it... but they also have JUST the eye shadow palettes that I like AND gift certificates! They have a nice, 9 piece palette set for only $25!!! TWENTY FIVE GETS YOU NINE!!! Hell, last time I got a quad from MAC it was $70. FOUR FOR SEVENTY! DO we see the bargain here?

And to add another big fat plus? They have bath salts and body oils that come in rose scent! My favoritest scent EVER. *SQUEE*

Oh I am so excited about this! I really hope to get some for XXXmas or at least for My birthday!