Saturday, December 04, 2010

I get off on you getting off on Me

Appropriate lyrics by Halestorm.

I've been doing Web Cam Porn, on and off, for about 11 years now. Almost 12! I started out as a 100lb scrawny goth chick and now I'm the booty-licious blonde. Much change over the years. Not just for My looks, but for how the web cam game as well.

I've gotten VERY bored with solo work. YAWN! I don't even bother that much anymore, to be honest. I much rather do something really stimulating. Like wash My dishes. Or clean the cat boxes.

So what's a gal to do? Go into another state of Retirement Limbo Whatever? Or find a partner in porno crime to do Girl On Girl and stick strictly with that?

The latter option would pay the bills better than the former. Hmm...

Or stick to fetish only? Kinda boring to be honest. Not quite as fun when there isn't someone physically there to berate and/or torment. And the sites I see these days either don't cater at all to BDSM cam gals, don't cater ENOUGH to them, or aren't lucrative.

So here I am, sitting around the batcave, pondering My future in the Cam Wench business.