Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Oh, I'm being followed by a moonshadow

We at the nudie bars believe that full moons = weirdos. It might be a general bar belief... who knows. It's jus been rare, in My experience, to find a bar worker who didn't believe it.

Well! Tonight was a full moon AND a lunar eclipse. Jesus fuck Me running it was double nuts. It was 8 shades of crazy.

It's still NFL season, so Mondays are usually Ghost Town Central. Not tonight. A bachelor party, a birthday party, just lots more customers than usual.

One fight broke out with two guys who were definitely drunk but possibly also high functioning autistic. One of the two was a VERY large man, and when 6 people had to forcibly take him out of the club, it didn't go over well. I could tell he was scared, and his friend was very confused. I felt horrid about the whole thing.

The club was very tense all night. Lots of drunks. Lots of irritated personalities.

At the end of the night, two very nice young ladies came in. They didn't say much to anyone. All they did was hand out gifts to the girls and left. Gorgeous wrapping paper and decorations. Inside? A bible and a journal. In each journal was a short story about a girl who was a dancer once, and things got worse for her. Drugs, prostitution. The ending was typical, finding God. Some girls took it poorly, but I thought the gesture was sweet. And the girl were anything but preachy or pushy. I think they meant well. Some of us took it well. I took home the ones given to me as well as the discarded ones.

The night ended with some yelling, and swearing, and tense faces. But I got home in time to watch the eclipse with a special person. :)