Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Now I was sitting waiting wishing

lyrics by Jack Johnson

Insomnia is practically sprawled out on My comfy bed, snacking on bonbons, and reading trashy gossip rags. I swear it. Stupid cunt.

So what am I doing? Yep. More wishlisting. It's only fitting anyways. My birthday has less than 3 weeks to go!

Today I've added brocade slippers, purses, robes, and dresses. I've added comfy soft slippers, funky shoes, and Hello Kitty stuff. And most importantly, I've added incense and new burners. Scents are very important to Me, so I need to be constantly stocked with incense LOL. If I dont have some burning, or at least a scented spray on My pillows? Even when exhausted I can't sleep.

Old wishlist, still has tons of stuff on it.
Newer list with the newest additions.