Monday, December 20, 2010

Nothing Changes On New Years Day...

I've whipped up an extensive New Year's Resolution list this year. Wheeefun. I wonder how many of them I will be able to get through? :D

  • Do more online work, be it porno, phone sessions, etc, or find a decently-paying online job that's vanilla.

  • To get back into a healthy shape. This includes 10 mile walks each day since the bike is broken. Also, gym membership.


  • Finish my chest ink, get my (late) bunny ink, and work on a few other ideas.

  • Get back into modeling and sessions a LOT!

  • To have a song written about Me.

  • To be on an album of novel cover.

  • To be in a music video.

  • To get all of my 21 arts/crafts projects going. And sell a decent amount of product.

  • To get all of my 4 website projects back on track and fully functional.

  • To get the condo into tip top shape. At least 4 of the 5 shelf bookcases for media. Hang up ALL the art that is stacked around. Better organize clothes, bath stuff, session equipment, work clothes, etc. (or have a sissy maid do it)

  • Cleaning out the storage room! (or have a sissy maid do it)

  • Back into a car, driving!

  • Business cards for my site... and flyers.