Wednesday, December 22, 2010

And I should get a haircut and get a real job

Well we know what bleach can do to hairs. It fried the ends of Mine. fried em till they were nappy. So instead of hair past My bra and bangs finally grown to the chin... like this:

I'm back to bangs. Bleh! I have a love/hate thing with the bangs Yes, I know that this is all My fault. If having so much hair = cheap to go to a salon to bleach/dye/cut it wouldn't be an issue for Me to do it at home. I wouldn't do it at home!

You can see how fried it looks. FML!

I'm cranky. Plus I'm not very good at cutting My own hair. So I'm gonna need to fund a trip to a salon. FML.

So do I try to rock the bangs? With a bangs style not unlike:

I mean, I want a look where I can be mainstream, or retro, or fetish, or porn star without drastic changes. One style that can be used in all those looks. Ugh. Last time I did bangs was when I had black hair and I just didn't feel it as much.

Maybe now I will? So do I leave the bangs at their current length? It's an awkward length in general since it covers the eyes when down. I COULD just rock headbands for the next few months... or do I get the bangs cut further so that they fall at the brows?