Saturday, December 04, 2010

Behind the scenes, I’m incomplete and I’m undone

lyrics by Francesca Battistelli

How about a look behind the scenes? An in-depth photo post of what it's like in My batcave? It's not new pics ala 365, but it should be fun eh?

My hood:

(yes that's the shuttle, on the back of a 747, flyin by My condo)

Ghost, the 20lb cat, loves My gay socks:

She also loves My money:

And My stripper shoes:

Esche guards My bewbs:

Vincent is My derpy boy. Love his WHY SO SERIOUS 'stache:

Vincent with his mama, Cleo:

Via is the littlest. Only 6 or 7 lbs! She's Cleo's daughter, from the same litter as Vincent. It's funny how they're littermates. Little Via with 15lb Vincent? LOL:

L to R Cleo, Ghost, Vincent, Via:

Esche has a very soft belleh. She likes to be told that she is the Softest Cat In All Of The Land:

Big TV and little TV. I need a better entertainment centre for them:

Mah DVDs. I totally need shelves for them. Want to get them all alphabetized. The ones in the centre itself are 3 stacks deep. The ones on top rise up taller than I am!:

I love cheesy B movies:

I like to knit:

The lights in my living room are porno-pink:

I have an addiction to bath stuff. This is what "dwindling" looks like LOL:

I have a Spooky Owl Lamp:

I love awesome lamps:

I like Hello Kitty, silly pins, and funky purses:

I make arts:

My awesome light up Marilyn:

More Marilyn. I need to hang the rest(I have about 20 more pieces of Marilyn art):

Audrey in the side hall: