Friday, October 01, 2010

There's an evident lack of light tonight...

Yesterday I had about 12 hours of No Power in My condo. Electricity is such a wonderful thing, and I'm not even talking about violet wands right now! It started out as "upgrading the wiring" in the building... but by evening time, even FPL was involved. Sheesh.

It made Me think of the power outs I've experienced while dancing. LOL I dunno why My brain always comes back to stripping. XD

I remember a blackout once at Bubbles. This was a lil club I worked at in Cocoa Beach (almost neighbors with Patrick Air Force Base) a few years back. My current "little sister", Mia was working with Me at the time, and we were both rockin the black hair thing. We played Dirty Marco Polo in the dark for a while. It was fun!

Even further back in My stripper history, was a black out at the Bear. This was the first club I danced at! Once upon a time, in Long Island far far away... we had a blackout at the Bear. It was summertime, so we opened up the back door to let in some air. We lit candles. It was amusing. Well... since jukebox - electricity = no music to dance to, the manager pulled his truck up to the back door and blasted one of the local rock stations! We danced for the rest of the blackout like this. It was awesome!!