Thursday, October 14, 2010

365 Days Of Photos: Day 075

Today's photo isn't of Me, or of My day to day life so much... it's very important to Me, however.

On 10/14/86 My life changed in an irreparable way. My mother passed away after a long, painful battle with lung cancer. Everyone says we're twins and that is the greatest compliment anyone has ever given to Me.

I love and miss her so much. Today, and on her birthday, and during Lung Cancer Awareness Month I ask a few things from My fans, clients, coworkers, and friends.

Those who send flowers, please send yellow roses. They were My mother's favorites. I can provide an address to send them to via email.


Help find the cure we need!

Donate to the Lung Cancer Alliance:

Donate to the American cancer Society, or help with an event:

Take part in the Race For Breath on November 4th: