Sunday, October 10, 2010

Generalizations Make Yer Dick Look Little...

...and yer brain. Just sayin.

*sigh* I know that we the folks in the Adult Entertainment Industry say it until we're blue in the face... but making generalizations about us sucks. It sucks and it uses too much teeth. Ow. Sure, some folks who do what we do don't care what gets said about us. And in a way I believe that it's a good mentality. But I'm the type of person who thinks that an educated hater is tolerable, where an ignorant one needs to be set on fire. If you know the TRUTH about who I am and what I do, and you still wanna hate? Cool. Have at it. But if you are guessing and generalizing and leaning on the stereotype crutch? Fuck off.

Today I heard, yet again, more bullshit stereotyping about strippers. Yippee.

Allow Me to use this blog post as a soapbox to set a few things straight, ok?

Strippers are not always whores, drug addicts, stupid, etc. Yes, there are some dancers who hook on the side. Yes some provide extras in the clubs. Yes some do drugs. And hell yes some are dumb as a box of spit. But yanno what? The same can be said for MOST other lines of work.

Stupid people work at McDonalds, retail stores, offices, all over.

Some bankers, lawyers, doctors, etc use drugs.

Hooking isn't exclusive to strip clubs.

If you think that EVERY stripper will leave with you and fuck your brains out for some cash, you need to be lobotomized and tied to a tree someplace. If you think we all take our hard earned cash and go on sprees for blow and pills and weed, please go play in traffic. If you think that NONE of us are college educated, have common sense, and/or have street smarts, go fuck yourself. It's safer that way. We don't need you breeding.

We also aren't all shitty Significant Others. Again, there are just as many bad lays, psychos, baggage-ridden whiners, and frigid nutcases as there are in any other line of work. Sure, the shit we put up with from dudes can deter some of us from wanting to date, or marry. Some of us become jaded. But this isn't representative of the majority. Sorry. A lot of have boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, partners, healthy sex lives, healthy emotional ties, etc.

We do not all have Daddy Issues. Not all of us had bad childhoods. Not all of us were raped, molested, and/or beaten. Plenty of us came from good families. Plenty of us don't have emotional baggage. And a lot of us that do? We don't let it dictate what we do for a living.

Once a stripper doesn't = always a stripper. As with each of the other stereotypes, there ARE some who fit the profile. Some start out dancing because the money is(was) easy, and never left. Never developed as a working person. Never gained any experience in any other role. Not a genius thing to do, but it's not the worst thing a person can do either. For a few chicks, that works. So be it! So many of us have other jobs WHILE we dance, had them BEFORE we danced, and will have them AFTER we hang up the heels. SO many of us have degrees. So many of us have job skills. And you know what? There are even some who are skilled house wives/mothers and that is enough for them. Kudos!

Strippers are not lazy. I'd like to see anyone who ISN'T already doing an athletic' job to pull an 8 - 14 hour shift in shoes that range from 5 to 8 inches in height. Maneuver around in tall-assed heels and platforms. Rock the poll. Manage upon a tall stage. Pull off a proper floor show. AND do it all while looking sexy and graceful. Go ahead. Try. And while you're at it, fend off drunk men and their wayward hands. It is a physically exhausting job. Hate to break it to you. We don't just stand there in our thongs and catch buckets of cash. (Man, that would be awesome...). Especially right now. 10 years ago it was easier to make a buck in this line of work but... not so much anymore. A lot of us are pulling full time hours, if not more, and it's exhausting. Many of us take this job seriously too. We work out. Often. Gym memberships, work out DVDs, home equipment, etc. Being sexy is serious business (sure, lawl at that). And beyond that? It takes it's toll on our minds. On our hearts. On our souls. We have to be perfect, deal with people who want to treat us like shit, and fend for ourselves when it comes to health insurance. This most definitely ISN'T a job for someone who wants to do Minimal.

What you folks, and especially you who don't want to take the time to get to know even one of us, need to know is this: We are ALL kinds of women. We are a cross section of the female species.

Strippers are women from all points on the globe.

We are women of all ethnicities.

We are women from all religious affiliations.

We are women with all kinds of childhood histories.

We are women with all kinds of educational backgrounds.

We are women with all kinds of love lives.

We are women with all kinds of morals and standards.

We are artists.

We are activists.

We are dreamers.

We are healers.

We are teachers.

We are mothers.

We are daughters.

We are lovers.

We are learners.

We are silly.

We are passionate.

We are smart.

We are amazing.

We are individuals who are NOT going to be what you think we should be.