Sunday, October 31, 2010

In the backroom she was everybodys darling

Yesterday, at one point during My dreamings, I had a dream about rolling around in bed with a gorgeous woman. The entire dream was a single sex scene. No foreplay. No back story. Just a good dose of fuckin.

It wasn't the long legs hugging My body that makes Me dwell on this dream.

It wasn't the red hair.

It wasn't the white-hot sex.

It was that she was a prostitute and we were in a seedy motel.

I've been giving prostitution a lot of thought for a long time. It's not a job I could get into, emotionally. I have a hard time separating sex from romance, even when it comes to cam work and porn. It's easier for Me to try though, in the latter two. Dunno why. While all three jobs are fine and dandy IMHO, only two of them are... I dunno. I really can't explain it. I've had friends who work at brothels, or for escort agencies. I respect them. I respect the job. I just cant see Myself doing it. The only time I get all kinds of grrr about it is when it's brought into the bar I work at. As long as it's illegal, I stand the chance of getting in trouble with these Extras Girls, and the club at hand gets a shite rep.

But I DO have that curiosity about prostitution. Part of Me has been toying with the idea that it might be fun to hire a lady for the evening. I kinda dig the idea of going to the Bunny Ranch or dialing up a service for a lovely lady to come play with Me in bed.

The difference between what I'd prefer and My dream is the setting. I'd rather it be someplace swanky. Swanky digs + stunning woman = woot.

And I'd pray she be able to have a stimulating conversation. Granted the reason for hiring her isn't her brain, but a nice chat before and/or after would be awesome. No rocket science. No politics. Maybe art, hobbies, fantasies. Light talk but not mindlessly light.

Sometimes I browse the ladies on the Bunny Ranch website.

There are a few ladies that I like to go back and peer at. Yeah, we already know I'm a perv.

Nikki Breeze

Veronica Vavoom

Camille Chanel

Someday. Maybe as a birthday present to Myself. ;)