Thursday, November 18, 2010

What experience has shown me... that is takes your life to become an artist. (this is a quote from Eric Fischl.)

For several years now... close to 8, I've been wanting to do a web comic about stripping. It will have humor and drama, but most of all it will be TRUTH. Based on actual experiences. Mine as well as others who wish to add to the arcs and story lines. I want to touch on the stereotypes. The rumors. The lies about the industry. The truths. How few of us are the actual stereotypes. This comic will entertain AND educate!

I have quite a few characters developed, and some scripts done. I just don't have the artistic skills that I want for this project. Another thing I don't have is stray $ to hand over to an artist. *sigh*

After meeting and being sketched by the amazing Mr Doug Sneyd, I got to talking to him and his lovely lady about My comic idea. They said I should go for it! I am so inspired by him. And by My artist friends, Randy and Jennie. I would love to be in their league some day. To maybe sit near them at a con. To put My comic into print!

Perhaps another 8 years will pass before I get enough $ to hire an artist. Feh. I'd like to think it will happen sooner than that! We shall see. For now I have My dreams.