Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monday Monday, so good to me...

The rule still applies, Mondays might be shitty money nights, but they are NEVER boring.

Tonight was a zany blend of drunksitting, skank drama, and decent money.

One young dude spent a good deal of cash throughout the club. I must have made change for his $50s and $100s perhaps 7 or 8 times. Champagne and vodka bottles were ordered. Money rained a few times. It was nice to see that sort of action on a Monday. The NFL Curse* has been shite this year.

A girl I have always disliked left in tears. I wasn't upset about it.

Another girl and her wasted husband fought a bit right next to me. Sometimes I hate being stuck at the door. Can't run away from drama.

Why is it that people will blurt the most stupid shit ever when trashed? Not so much WTF stupid, but Why Are You Mentioning Criminal Activity Loudly kinda stupid.

Derp of the Night: "Naw man, I didn't get fucked up in here. I only had one drink in here. All the weed, pills, and coke I did...? I did those before I got here! I swear!"



Overall I am not upset with tonight. I laughed, I gained good cash, and I had a few beverages. Huzzah.

* The NFL Curse, is, as I've mentioned before... when NFL season = no money in the club.