Sunday, November 28, 2010

So I went to Neiman-Marcus on a shopping spree-ah

When insomnia remembers that I'm her* BFF, decides to come over with ENTHUSIASM, and plants her fat ass on My lap, I tend to waste time with something fun and mindless. Window shopping. Or in the case of this wondrous, marvelous, far out age of computers...

Wish lists!

And I might as well pad up the ol' list a bit anyways. It's less than a month until Christmas AND My birthday!

So today I'm adding movies. I spent 8 years managing a movie store, so now I feel a bit behind on what is entertaining. And I USED to have a movie review blog. I'd like to revive it. Sexy Chick Talks Movies! News at 11!

(someday that will be small compared to My collection)

And to address the eventual comments such as:

"Oh look at you with your nudity and your wish lists! Aren't you just a greedy whore!"

Well... No, no not really... though there is a fetish for it! I love to shop. I love to collect. I ALSO love to gift to My friends, loved ones, and charities. Greed = shopping + one way street. Stick that lil bit of math up yer ass.

And of course there is always "wish lists are SO tacky! UGH!"

Like... oh My gawd! So is talking shit! And being a judgmental twat. But I digress. You are welcome to have an opinion. Just keep it in it's cage... someplace else. What I'm doing is fun for Me, and sometimes for others. Get over it or GTFO.



Where was I? Oh! Yes! Adding movies to My wish list! I'm surprised I had never really done it that much. It's always been clothes, gear for work, furniture for better organizing My home, bath and beauty things... sometimes even books! But not many movies on the list until now.

So yeah. Movies on My list.

* I've come to the conclusion that insomnia is a fat, hyper, clingy, STUPID teenage girl. A girl who thinks that I am her "OMG BFF 4 LIFE! LULZ! (=^.^=)" Alas, all this really means is that she clings to Me like an inbred Cocker Spaniel on speed, emitting sugar-coated hearts around her wide, lumpy head, while I try to clue her in on the fact that she annoys Me, pisses Me off, and that I hate her and wish that she would die in a freak steel melting accident at ArcelorMittal.