Wednesday, November 17, 2010

As Aldous Huxley would say...

"Man approaches the unattainable truth through a succession of errors."

Let us chat, for a moment, about the unattainable. More so, about the invisible rule that people want what they cannot have. Let us discuss how rampant this rule runs in strip clubs.

For every non-stripper job I have done in strip clubs, I've always done Myself up to look presentable. I may not have been the entertainment, but I was part of the appearance of the club. So yeah. I looked good at all times when working.

Be it when I managed, waited tables, door wenched, house mommed, tended bar... the men would just flock to Me, demanding dances. Uh, sorry dudes... not the dancer. And they'd moan and groan, woe and angst. It's insane! They still do it when I'm the door wench at Tootsy's. This phenomenon is everywhere, from what I gather from my fellow strippers. If you aren't a stripper, or are a female customer, they want you BADLY. So badly. When you finally don the clear heels and get yer butt on stage? The desire for you drops. Sometimes significantly, sometimes just a touch. But that drop is there. That surge of desperate energy is lesser.

So the many quotes about wanting what one cannot have? Seems to be alive and well in nudie land. Sometimes it's rather funny. Sometimes it's flattering. Sometimes it's just kinda sad.