Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Holiday Modeling Projects 2010

Beyond the previously blogged about XXXmas tree shoot... I have some other ideas. Ideas that need attire and props. So this post is 1 part brainstorming, and 1 part asking for some generous shoppers to assist the projects. Yeah, call it gimmie gimmie all you want.

So ready for the ideas? I'm VERY excited about these....

A Fall/Autumn/Harvest idea. I'm going to need to get a few of these. One to make a wreath/crown to wear. Once to wear around My breasts. One to barely cover the pink bits.

And I want to do a whole other shoot, doing the same idea but with these.

And also, with these. So we're going to need a few sets of each.

For these shoots, I want to do some of them with clothes on, and some nude. For the clothing I was thinking something like this.

I'd also like to do a generalized Winter theme. A Winter Goddess? Maybe.

So for Me to wear I'd need this dress.

The garlands I need are this, this, this, this, and this.

Getting the right amounts of the garlands will need to be ironed out.

The other big costume would be to get My mitts on this. I've been leering at this one, from afar, for a while now. MUST. HAVE. It would be delicious. I'd also need the boots and the trim.

Well once props and clothing are taken care of, there's a matter oh shoot space, and photographers who will let me do the clean up of my skin, will let me sell prints of the pics if I want to. Fun times!

So Let's brainstorm here kids! Who can purchase what? Who has locations? Who has camera skillz?