Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Full Moons Aren't Always Bad...

Shitty quality phone camera is shitty....

Despite health issues and it being a Last Minute Coverage night, things weren't so bad at Tootsy's tonight. I was Door Wench Extraordinaire again, and it was gleeful at some points!

Some groovy folks kept Me company.

Some fun chicks made Me smile.

Wife #1 worked, which is always good!

Little Sister worked too. Cameltoe Salad FTW!

Tips didn't suck. It wasn't enough to get the rest of My ink done on Friday, but it will work well towards bills. Ew, bills.

My new makeup loves are NYC's Cheek Glow in Riverside Rose for My eyeshadow, and NYC'sLippin Large plumping gloss in Plum Tart. My sexymeter almost crashed.