Thursday, March 04, 2010


I was rather psyched to get a blog here, but alas... someone HAS the user name paigedwinter. WTF? The nerve!!! Alas, this shall have to do. I am THE Paige D'Winter. Never forget that LOL.

In case yer new to all things Paige, I am a 30something adult model, Dominatrix, exotic dancer, and retired cam wench.

I've been working in strip clubs, in various positions, since 1996. Likewise, I've been a lifestyle switch and professional Dominant since the same year.

I started modeling in general at the age of 13, when I started doing teen pageants and catalog modeling. Once I turned 18, it was all downhill!

It's very possible that you've seen Me around. I've been on websites such as,,, as well as several fetish sites, modeling sites, and My own website,

So... that would be the basics right there. Welcome to My new blog. Hope to see you often. :)