Thursday, August 30, 2012

I can't get you out of my head God knows I've tried

Welcome to the Go Ahead And Laugh At Me edition of Songs Currently Stuck In My Head.

Usually it annoys the fuck out of Me* when people’s initial and/or only response is “that song sucks!”. Insulting Me with your opinion is kinda stab-worthy IMHO. But this time you may giggle, snicker, or lawl at Me, but try not to be rude about it, ok kids? Don’t make Me turn this blog around and go home.

Thanks to a good friend’s kids, the following two songs have been Crazy Glued to My gray matter for weeks:

Yeah yeah, I know this drops Me into the Lame Teenage Girl category, but I think it’s got a fun beat and the lyrics are adorable. If dudes were that sweet more often, I’d probably be (slightly) less gay**.

Whaaaaaaat? The beat is catchy! I can’t scrape it out of My head! I’ve tried! I even used one of those Scrape Ice Off Yer Windshield scraper thingies. That shit just hurt real bad and screwed up My sense of smell for a week.

And thanks to a store I frequent, this song has been squatting in My brainpan for about a month:

This song is fairly groovy to Me. It always makes Me wanna skip and sing along. I love to sing along to the “la la la… WHATEVER” part the best. And kudos for using “Zach Galifianakis” as lyrics. I lawled the first few times I heard that…

So yeah, those three songs are constantly shuffling around in the iPod that My brain bought cheap at a flea market. I keep hoping it wasn’t stolen. It’d be inconvenient if My brain got arrested.

* Never understood the term “annoys the fuck out of me”. If something is annoying, why would it get a fuck out of you? Wouldn’t good things instead get you to fuck?

** As of the date of this post, I’m about 92% gay. It is always subject to change, but neither Gay nor Hetero ever get 0% from Me. It’ll never happen, either.