Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Talkin bout the questions... the questions ya'll...

Time for the first post of Q & A! I've got 3 queries lined up and ready to go!

Q1)How do you approach the subject of asking your significant other if you can explore different things on your own, ie SM, BDSM ect. Yes, being physical would be involved. The reason for wanting to go solo, is there are things that cant be
done to the one you love, there needs to be no "attraction" or "feelings" just letting the primal urge take over. Not breaking up so you can go sleep around, and being safe when ever it is done, just letting the wild side come out and relieve the urge to go behind the back to get what you need.

If you aren't already in an open relationship, this can be hard to do. I'd be honest about it, but I'd ease into the sexual "physical" aspect of it after you gauge their reaction to the BDSM stuff.

You know your partner best. If you think, before even approaching them about any of this, that they aren't the type to be ok with an open relationship in the first place, then perhaps you need to weigh in if this relationship is worth keeping and sacrificing this primal urge of yours or not.

I think perhaps it'd be easiest if you begin with the fact that you have urges to do things that you don't want to involve them in. If you go with the whole "I love you so I can't do _______" it might soften the blow of what you're going to request.

Be crystal clear about the lack of any emotional attachment with these other folks.

Be crystal clear about safety.

Be crystal clear that your Significant Other is the important person. The Alpha. They have to be ok with anything/anyone/etc. Focus on their feelings about what you want to do. Be prepared to compromise, too.

If you have to, put down everything in writing so neither of you misconstrue anything said/agreed upon.

If you get the green light, I'd suggest keeping a very close eye on your love, especially in the beginning. Look for signs of them changing their mind. Be sure that, before you begin this wandering to Elsewhere, you lay out the rules with the Significant Other about what will happen if/when they decide they cant handle it.

Q2) What kind(s) of porn would you like to do in the future?

Oh wow... I've been thinking about this for a while now...

Definitely video game parody porn. I'd like to focus on retro games and military/FPS/SciFi Shooty games. I think they'd be the most fun genres.

Heavily BDSM-themed, lesbian porn too. Been itching to do these for ages now!!

And I'd like to direct some porn that I can turn around and MST3K before distribution. My friends and I used to rent porn solely to give it the MST3K treatment. I'd absolutely LOVE to do it all on the actual DVDs!

I'd also love to do "live action" furry porn. I'd use body paints and prostheses instead of fursuits, though. I was inspired by a mainstream porn I once saw where the girls were painted up like various animals... zebra, tigers, peafowl, etc...

Lastly I'd like to do hetero and lesbian films that have a religious theme. Priests and sinners, fallen angels and innocents, ancient Gods/Goddesses and worshippers. These are big on My list of turn ons lol. I'm going to SUCH a special hell!

Q3) My girlfriend wants to get into some fetishy work, but knows she isn't a Domme at heart. What is a simple fetish that doesn't require the personality of a dominant woman?

That one is simple. Feet! You can make decent money AND you don't have to be all Big Bad Domme.

If she wants to stay strictly online, all she really has to do is make a site and sell sets of photos. Pics of her feet. Different nail polishes on her toes, wearing socks, stockings, heels, flip flops, etc... Her feet in the grass, on concrete, in mud... any surface you can think of. If she keeps her fan base happy with pics on a regular basis, the money will remain steady. BUT! Keep in mind, because it is SUCH an easy fetish to work with, there are a berjillion chicks out there doing this too. Competition is fierce. She will have to have the best/most content, the best prices, etc.

If she keeps away from photos of her feet ON someone, like stepping on a face or genitals, she will get minimal requests for Domme-esque material. And if she doesn't come across as a dominant woman on her site, the requests will remain minimal. There will always be some hopefuls who email in and ask, but let them down gently!