Monday, November 14, 2011

I want your drama, the touch of your hand...

Today I found myself discussing romance twice.

The first time, a coworker and I debated the current health status of romance. She says that it's dead. I say it's usually just comatose.

Later on in the day, someone else gave Me the assignment to list some things that I think are romantic.

So here we are.

Gifting was an obvious topic.

Don't get Me wrong, I like gifts. Giving and receiving. But there has to be some heart behind it.

You can give Me flowers. Ok.

You can give me flowers and have a deep love to go with it. Maybe give them on the anniversary of the day we met. Or in remembrance of the first time I said I loved you.

Kudos on that idea!

You could pick out the specific types of flowers that I love most. This shows that not only do the little details matter, but that you're willing to put effort into romantical stuff.

I personally like to send cards. Sure, the romantical ones on birthdays and holidays... but also the Just Cause ones.

But it's not really about the gifts!

It's the difference between picking Me up at the airport with a welcoming kiss, and meeting Me in the receiving area with a sign like the drivers do. But yours is just a big heart.

It's the emails and texts and voicemails that I treasure and save simply because you said/wrote something that touched My heart.

Little words carry big emotion.

I recently posted something simple to My beloved:

Enta Omri

It was on My Facebook. Small words. Big emotion.

Telling your love what they mean to you? Very romantic in My eyes. Just that puts him/her on a pedistal and that can mean so much.

I love to just call and say I Love You. That's it. Just randomly.

Something I like to do for My Significant Other is to cook the meal they love best. I especially like it if there is the challenge of having to learn a new recipe!

A simple look can be quite romantic. Gather your love into your arms and stare into their eyes. Let it drag on a while. Wrap it up with a gentle kiss on the nose or forehead.

Romance can be so very simple. Tis part of why I get so grumpy at the lack of it.

Someone get Me the defibrilators! I'm reviving Romance!!