Saturday, February 26, 2011

Like a deer in the headlights. They're so beautiful and bright .

I love the Bambis. No, not the dancers use it as a name (which seems silly, since Bambi means Small Child). I mean the newbies. I call them Bambis because they remind Me of that gangly animated fawn, out on the iced-over pond. Heh.

I love to watch them up on stage, whipping out every move they've seen from other dancers, music videos, and late night Cinemax movies.

But it's kinda like that game that kids play at camp, Telephone. It starts out clear when the trained pro does it, but by the time it filters through the Bambi brain, and gets to the Bambi hips, legs, etc... it's warped and wrong. So adorable. And sometimes, they get BETTER with practice and time. SOMETIMES. Some are just b eyond hope or help.

And then you get to watch them learn the skills of the Stripper. Much like the animated fawn, they have to learn the right words.

D... D... DANCE?

It's so sweet to watch them grow and learn.... to blossom into real strippers. And it's fun to reflect on My Bambi days. Dawww...