Friday, February 11, 2011

Dream until your dreams come true

Had another Strip Club Dream. The big difference between this one and the others is that there were no people from any club I actually know. Usually someone I know/work with/used to work with is in the dream. Not this one.

It was a HUGE club. Warehouse huge. Walmart huge. Jesus Fuck huge. A lot of dark woods and dark red leather seating. Very elegant place for something so massive. It was a classy club, and not the kind I could get into as is. Pink hair + lots of ink = Snowball In Hell. But there I was, and I was rockin it too. Of course, I could work the pole like mad in the dream... unlike Real Life.

Someday I will learn 1337 pole skills. Someday!

Another oddity in this dream was that none of the lockers had locks. The girls all trusted each other.

Pfffffffffffthahahahaaahahahahahahahahahaaa don't we wish it were really like that? LMFAO!