Saturday, February 12, 2011

I'll example you with thievery

Something in the news has me bristled... because I've seen/heard about this too often.

FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla. — A man is charged with grand theft for allegedly swiping a stripper's tips from her garter belt.

The crime happened at Fantasy's at the Beach off San Carlos Boulevard on Jan. 9.

The woman told deputies a man, later identified as 19-year-old Ronnie Menard, told her he wanted a lap dance.

When she came offstage and asked him if he was ready, he said he wasn't because he had to go home and get money.

A few minutes later, the woman said Menard approached her again and asked her to sit with him.

She sat down and said Menard was eager to receive the dance immediately.

As he was insisting on getting the lap dance, the woman said she felt her garter snap and then Menard jumped up and ran out of the strip club.

She yelled for someone to stop him, but he got away.

The woman said she had $314 in her garter, which she had counted after paying the manager the house percentage, immediately before she sat with Menard.

Another employee said she knew the man as "Ronnie" and showed the woman where he lived, because she'd given him a ride home before.

On Feb. 4, deputies showed the victim a photo lineup that contained Menard's photo, and they say she was able to identify him.

Detectives went to his house on Cutlass Drive and arrested him on Feb. 8.

I fucking hate thieves. I really do. And to so boldly snatch someone's hard earned money? Jesus fucking H Christ. I'd love to staple this guy's balls to his forehead. For free, too. And it's a good thing that the news article didn't have a comments section, because I'm sure it would be full of shit about how stripping isn't a real job and other such utter bovine feces. And you know what really peeves Me? That the article is listed as "weird news". Fuck you, MSNBC.