Monday, August 02, 2010

Manleeeeeeee Things.

You Tarzan, me Jane?

I dunno why I started pondering this, but I'm currently musing over the idea of women who are into activities that have been Big Red Stamped as "dude" stuff. Not so much WHY some of us are into things that have such labels, but why some guys think that its HOT AS FUCK for us to be into them. Is it because we "shouldn't"? Or because it gives us something in common with said guys and that is a plus for them? What IS hot about it?

I'm into hunting, fishing, hiking/tracking, sports, video games, guns, cars... and a lot of times, when I admit that, I get "OMG SO HOT" from dudes. The fact that they dig it is fairly awesome. It sure beats the whole "Ugh. You woman. You like cook and clean and shoes." thing. But I'm very curious as to what guys find so Full Of Win about it.

I am of the belief that these things are not for one gender or the other. I am of the belief that gender plays little role in things we enjoy to do. Hell, gender really has minimal meaning to Me at all! But My brain craves information, and this is a question that nudges at the back of said brain.