Sunday, August 15, 2010

365 Days Of Photos: Day 015

The Green Dice Of Awesomeness. It took Me almost 8 years to get them, but they are finally Mine!! MUAHAHAHAHAAHAAHAHAHAHAAAA!*coughwheeze*

Allow Me to elaborate.

Once upon a time, our fair heroine moved to Florida and wished to continue Her career as a topless entertainer. So She ventured forth to the kingdom of Inner Room II. There She met the hero, the young Kyle. Kyle was of the land of Under Age Armbandia. The two hit it off greatly, and there was much revelry. Our fair heroine would admire the dice he wore while She gave him many wedgies and noogies and other such Happy Fun Abuse. For what seemed like ages, young Kyle would promise to make a necklace for our heroine, in Her favorite color... green!

LOL so yeah, I finally got them! Yay!!!