Tuesday, August 10, 2010

365 Days Of Photos: Day 010

In 1997 I got My first tattoo. The faded yellow rose you can kinda see under the newer outline. A tribute to My mother. :) This past January I had the option to splurge a lil and get some more ink. You see, as time passed, I grew unhappy with how the one lil rose looked on My chest. So this is what became of it! It's about 50% finished as far as the outline goes, and then it needs color. When it's done there will be a few more roses, all of them will be yellow, there will be buds to go with the Tiger Lily, which will be orange and brown, and there will be Black Eyed Susans, which will be yellow and darkest brown. I might even add a lil blue background to really make it colorful.