Thursday, August 05, 2010

Can I Watch?

No. No you can't.

It really slays me how often and how quickly "Can I watch?" comes out of mouths in response to the idea of a woman being with another woman. Don't get Me wrong, I dig some hot Girl On Girl action in porn and art and in books. I am an equal opportunity pervert. But seriously guys? If you hit on a chick and she says that she's already committed to a woman and/or she is only into chicks, why would you just blurt out "CAN I WATCH? HYUCK!" ? A lot of you wouldn't do that if the chick's response to your amorous advances was "I am already fully committed to a wonderful dude". Granted, some of you would. But what your voyeuristic preferences are is not in question here. What really puts a bee in My butt is how easily some of ya'll demand to watch something that, in the case of My personal relationships, is not an open arena sort of thing. I don't sell tickets when it comes to sleeping with the person I am committed to. Sorry.

Here's a lil Pro Tip for any of ya'll who are apt to use the "Can I watch?" line:

Not every woman out there is into letting random strangers watch them get their fuck on. It's in bad taste to assume they are. And odds are, if they're blatant about being a full on lesbian, your dangly bits are a golden ticket FAR AWAY from their bedroom. So, until you get to know a chick, and find out that yes, they are into letting a dude watch them *UNF* someone else, lay off.