Monday, January 17, 2011

To sleep, perchance to dream

More dreams to discuss, or at least to put down on e-paper.

In the first of the two dreams in question, I was at "Tootsy's" but, as always, it was a completely different looking bar. The stage was a runway only, and the majority of the seating in this small club were the chairs that went around the stage. This dream was short, but the main focus was that I was making VERY good tips on stage. Everyone was just handing over the cash! As it should be... heh! Ron, one of our bouncers, escorted Me off stage to a little back area where I was counting My tips. I was sorting them by bill type. $1s, $5s, $10s, $20s, etc. This is what I usually do. At one point, mid-count, I found a $3 and I laughed. Someone thought it'd be cute to make it and tip Me with it. In dreaming as well as in waking, I found this amusing. Once upon a time, there was a graphic made of a three dollar bill with My face in it, to go along with the phrase "queer as a three dollar bill" so I liked this. But as I kept counting, I found that more and more of the tips were fakes. $6s and $11s and the like. I became furious and wanted to find the culprit. It was then that I woke up.

Later on, after I had returned to sleep, I dreamt that I had a lovely young lady bound in a den-like setting. Her wrists were tied up with leather strapping, and held above her and outward. Likewise her ankles were tied down to the floor. She made a lovely site, spread out and open. Nude. All I really did was randomly touch her, gently. A finger tip to her inner arm made her shiver. A nibble to her throat caused a longing utterance. Everything I did to her was gentle, loving. But because I waited so long in between touches, and because she wore a blindfold, her reactions were rather intense... given the situation. It was gorgeous, her skin reflecting the light from a fireplace. The room was lined with old books, and littered with comfortable reading chairs.