Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Along came a spider. And sat down beside her

Another Funday Monday at Tootsy's, starring yours truly... the fabulous door wench.

Er, wait no. No... not really.

My night & My tip bucket ended up getting cockblocked by a spider bite. Ow. I'm just sittin there, minding My own business (and the business of whoever is on stage or walkin in the door) when OWDAMMIT! >.<

A bit later it's burning pain + chills + freezing + nausea. Cute. Very sexy. So I was allowed to exit early, saving some face. Now I'm home and I feel like I got hit by the Flu Truck. Hoping a nice dose of Doctor Visit tomorrow will help. I don't need another Recluse Fiasco*

And not only did I make minimal tips, I saw minimal stuff to snark on.

The only thing being that booty clap + classic rock = hur dur, but to do it non stop, for 2/3 of Silver, Blue & Gold? Wha?!?! No. Just, no.

* - The morning before I was to go back to NYC from SoCal, I was bit by a Brown Recluse. I spent 3 days/nights on a bus with flu-like symptoms and pain. DISLIKE.