Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Money for nothin' and your chicks for free

I arrived to work yesterday to find out that there had been some cut backs to save money. Less bouncers, less door girls. My spot as Monday Night Door Wench is secure, since I don't get paid to do it. But less bouncers? Yeah. We had no issues Monday, but no bouncer on Monday is not awesome. Sometimes, shit DOES happen on Monday. Ugh. Ok yeah we have the manager and the DJ if anyone needs help but... I prefer 3 Big Dudes instead of 2. The manager can do his thing, the DJ can do his, and we'd still have security. Bleh!

We had one girl who was dancing in the VIP room and was... ew. The guy's hand on her ass looked like he was using her as a bowling ball, if you catch My drift. Gross. She's such a skank. But the idea of using skanky strippers as bowling balls is LULZ.

One girl has been having a lot of home issues. She commented that she felt silly that Tootsy's was the only place she felt safe to turn to. Part of Me acknowledges that one needs more solid folks/places in their life if the titty bar is it, but most of Me is very :) that we have such a good place that it's a solid place/filled with solid people for her. I love My bar, despite it's flaws!

My psycho former roommate, Erica. Remember her? Her man was in the bar last night. The one that used to be My friend, the one who stuck Me with her in the first place. He tried real hard to pretend he didn't see Me. LOL. Good. And he's fucking lucky he didn't try to bring her skank ass in with him. She'd be in a world of hurt.

You know what I hate? When I'm rockin the Door Wench thing, and a group of dudes come in, and one goes to tip Me very handsomely, and one of his friends cockblocks My tip jar by tellin him to tip less. WTF. It tends to be when it's agroup od middle-aged white guys. Not always, but usually. Bleh. That fucking sucks. Last night, one guy was going to give me a $20 for all 4 of them, but his friend stopped him and gave me $4! UGH!!!

I'm greatly amused by the one girl we have who dances like a cheerleader on stage. It's often times quite silly to observe, but really fun, and keeps folks in a good mood. Yay enthusiasm! :D

We have this one girl, who no one likes. She's a pin up wannabe with a really shitty attitude, and is a total ho bag in VIP. She's stuck up, talks shit, and gives people a shite 'tude at all times, even for no reason. Ugh. I wish she'd disappear. For example: She came in one day and a bartender who hadn't met her once introduced herself. This chick's reaction? "So?!?!" and she walked off. WTF? Why be like that? We're generally a good crew. No need to be so shite to people. Bleh...

Female customers, I love you. Especially when you yell, cheer, clap, tip, and get lap dances. Rock the fuck on! But the moment you start lap dancing for your man? Suddenly the world is rocked by the sound of 10 thousand strippers' noses wrinkling in distaste. The Grump Heard Round The World.

Yesterday we had a group of couples that came in and had a blast. Now some folks have internal "radars" about other folks. Gaydar, stripperdar, furdar, etc... but My kinkdar went off.. AKA "lifestylerdar". There was a lot of hair pulling, spanking, and other such fetishy posturing going on. My manager's kinkdar went off too. Hmm. Never got to find out anything for sure though.

Oh, by the way... a Jheri curl mohawk on a white dude is unfortunate. That is all.