Monday, June 22, 2015

Up to the tip of my nails Im going to paint with your color

Dear Sally Hansen,


I love you. Thank you for making My nails look spiffy for all these years. I appreciate it. And the folks who swoon over My claws thank you too. About a month ago, Mr UPS Man delivered a pre-surgery Gery Well gift package with some nail polishes in them. YAY!! So how about a Haul Post, now that I am able to sit down and blog?







Satin Glam in Sun Sheen(04) is a medium orange, very warm. It's got a touch of pearlescence, and a hint of glitter. It's going to be perfect for "autumn"* and Hallows, or maybe if I give in and cheer for the Gators (pffft, really?).




Satin Glam in Go Gold Satin Glam in Go Gold(01) is a fun taupe kind of gold with a pearl sheen and some tiny glitter to add sparkle. It is a warm, passive neutral that I think will compliment a lot of colors, outfits, and occasions.




Complete Salon Manicure in Hi Ho Silver (150) is a straight up medium silver, with some pearlescence and fine glitter. It's light enough for winter looks, but not so much that it won't stand out on your hands.





Complete Salon Manicure in Debut-Tint (180) is a super super pale yellow with a shine made with pearlescence and glitter. Very thin. If you put one coat on your nails, your nails will look natural until the light hits it then SHINE! I really love how pale and delicate this yellow is. Great for spring, for weddings, for Easter, or just to give yourself Fairy Hands.




Complete Salon Manicure in Shoot The Moon (160) is a great pewter silver, slightly pearly and glittery. It's got a bit more of a delicate silvery thing going on as compared to true pewters or gun metals, but it will still be taken seriously.




Sugar Shimmer in Sugar Cloud (02) is a light, sky blue with an opalescent pink glitter. That is such a FUN combo. Another great spring nail polish. Gritty, so a lot of top coat is required if you prefer a smooth finish. The texture of this polish, without a top coat buffer, bugged the hell out of Me. I prefer this polish over a flat blue, preferably one that is exact or extremely close to the blue in this polish.




Sugar Shimmer in Sugar Plum (01) is a bubblegum pink with opalescent gold glitter. Like it's blue sibling mentioned above, the color combo makes Me squee, and it'll be groovy for y'all who actually have a spring season. Leaves a gritty texture just like said sibling. Again, I had to slap on a few coats of a clear top coat to calm Myself down.




Diamond Strength in Wedding Crasher (450) looks like its going to be a clear polish with metallic, magenta glitter... But the clear polish turns out to be a very watery, very see transparent magenta. Surprise! I think it would look best over a base color like magenta or black.




Diamond Strength in Black Tie (470) is très complex. The pictures on the interwebs do NOT do it justice. I was unable to take any pictures that did. It's an overall pearlescent (barely) polish that looks dark, dark teal from one angle, and a dark mauve from another angle. Goes on thin so either go for a lot of layers or put it over a base color like teal or black.




Diamond Strength in Love Bug (280) is a bubblegum pink with a lot of pearlescence and a hint of ultra fine glitter. Very girly, in that Classic Girl Next Door Pink kinda way. Goes on thin.




Diamond Strength in Aisle Be There (140) has the wow factor. It's a pearlescent, pale, yellowy pearl-color with an opalescent pink glitter. Such a fun combo! I really had a hard time putting the bottle down. Goes on thin but makes a nice see-thru top coat if you want just a touch of color on your nails, or goes well over a solid base coat like white or palest yellow. Over black it turns a purplish pink!




Diamond Strength in Bride To Be (170) seems like a misleading name, IMHO. It is kind of an antique-y color that doesn't bring to mind a classic bride. I do really love the color, though! It's somewhere between a sage green and a pale silver. Pearlescent throughout, with minute glitter. Also a thin polish so bulk it up or use it as a top coat.



So there you have it, another fun round of Why Does Paige Think We Give A Shit About Her Hoard Of Nail Polish? Aren't you glad I was able to put all of this in writing? I didn't think so!



* We really don't have an autumn season here in Florida. Some trees drop trow, but our actual seasons are Summer, Hurricane, and Tourist.